Laboratory supplies
Analizador de Leche, Infrarrojo
| brand: Astori Oscar | id: DMA031B-DMA031A |

2 available versions: Basic and Advanced
Fast and accurate determination of fat, proteins, dry matter, solids non fat (Basic version) + lactose and energy value (Advanced version)
Analysis on cream, milk and derivates up to 2.000 measurements, time-stamped and numbered
Resolution: 0,01%
Extremely compact and reliable
Absolutely cheap, with insignificant cost/test
Other technical features:
IR source working in the middle-infrared range
TFT screen, 240x320 pixels
Sample volume and temperature: min. 4 ml - 40°C
PC connection by means of USB port
Back-up of measurement data up to 1 week without power supply attached
Dimensions: 98x267x236 mm (wxdxh)
Weight: 3 Kg.