Laboratory supplies
Balanza Analitica Semi-Micro
| brand: OHAUS | id: EX125DZH |

-BALANZA SEMI-MICRO marca OHAUS modelo EX125DZH microbalance / double range balance / 1/100000 balance balance analysis.-

-capacidad máxima: 52 grs. / 120 grs.
-resolución: 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg

Ohaus Explorer series is quasi trace balance weighing laboratory designed is accurate to 1/100000. Explorer series of quasi microbalance in support of innovative technology, the perfect design of high-speed integrated weighing system, ensure the accuracy of weighing results. In the weighing application function design is also particularly prominent, is a rare 1/100000 quasi micro balance.

Basic weighing, piece weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing weighing, animal weighing, weighing the target value, the cumulative proportion of weighing, weighing, weighing the differences, density, peak hold, pipettor calibration, SQC (statistical quality control)
5.7 inch VGA color touch screen / 14.5 cm (diagonal), 4 wire resistive touch screen. QWERTY keyboard and digital keypad is convenient for users to input GLP and GMP data or other data.
Power Supply
The standard AC power adapter
Standard of 2 USB and 1 RS232 interface, optional second RS232 or Ethernet interface
Metal base, anti-static glass, automatic door hood (optional), plastic cover, stainless steel pan, a hanging type
Design features
Full automatic internal calibration system, fast and stable time, four non-contact wireless sensor, with optional automatic wind hood door type anti-static device, save to U disk, 14 language menu contains Chinese, optional OIML function, the data can be saved to USB. The menu lock switch, anti-theft device, a built-in hanging, easy disassembly stainless steel scale, stability indicator, overload underload indicator, standby mode.

technical parameter
maximum capacity 52 g/120 g
Readability 0.01 mg;0.1 mg
Pan size 80 mm
Internal calibration Fully automatic internal calibration
Wind shield Standard
Automatic air door not applicable
Auxiliary display mode Can be used as accessories to buy
Battery life not applicable
Built in electrostatic remover no
Signal communication 2 sets of USB ports and RS232, as well as optional RS232 or Ethernet third ports.
Size (high x length x width) 350 mm x 393 mm x 230 mm
Display 5.7 inch VGA color touch screen
Use kettle cover Contain
licit transaction No
Linear error (typical) 0.1 mg
Minimum weight (USP), typical value 20 mg
minimum capacity 9 mg
Net weight 7 kg
The scale structure Stainless steel
Power supply (2) The AC adapter (standard)
Repeatability (typical) 0.015 mg
Stability time (2) 8 s
Tare range Peel weight function
Unit of measurement G; kg; carat; grain; ounce; ounce (Troy); pennyweights; Momme; Mesghal; Tika; drag; customization
work environment 10 degrees C - 30 degrees C, 85%RH, non condensing

PRECIO CIF --------------- US$ 4.690.-