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Produced with German technology.It has broken through the defect that the existing stable temperature and humidity box is unable to operate in succession for a long time. It has the characteristics of and reliable.

Programming touching screen controller
1. With super huge screen to uching style interface,it is easy to operate and the writing of the program is easy.
2. Operating interface for selection.The real-time run curve can be displyed on the screen.
3. It has the capacity of 100 guoups program,1000 phrases 999 circulating steps. The max for each time part is 99 hours and 59 minutes.
4. After the material and test condetions are input,the controller can lock the screen to avoid miss operating.
5. It has P.I.D. automatic figuring function and it can modify temperature and humidity conditions immediately.
6. It has RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface.Uou can design program through computer,monitor test procedure and execute the function of starting and stopping the machine.

1. With microcomputer to controltemperature,humidity,the controlling is stable,acute,and reliable.
2. With unique wind circulation system,it is ensured that the wind inside the working room is destributed evenly.
3. With two sets of full closed compressing machine exchanging automatically,the equipment can work continuously for long time.
4. The key patrs such as wet temperatue controller,compressingmachine,circulating fan and son on are all imported products and they are stable,safe and reliable.
5. With isolated over-tmeperature,lowthmperature light and sonic thack and alarming system,it can ensure your test work safely without any accidents.
6. Temperature increasing and decreasing system,humidity increasing system are all fully isolated so that the work efficiency is improved.
7. With imported stainless steel inner part,it is easy to be cleaned.
8. There is a test hole(dia 50mm)on the left side of the box and there are standard socket for recorder.

*-Satisfying the standards of:2000 Edition Medicine Stability Test Guideline and relative items in GB 10586-89

Stability test conditions

In ICH guideline,in aspects of function,performance,and file,GMP&FDA define the reauests,Europe,Japan and USA are agreed to make a general make a recommendation for the stability of medicine or for raw an environment with a certain temperature,humidity and light in a certain period.

The storage conditions for stability test
samples that will be kept for a long time

Temperature:+30 ºC ±2 ºC
Time:12 months

Storage conditions for accelerated stability test sample:
Temperature:+40 ºC ±2 ºC
Time:6 months
Strong light irradiation condition:

*-Above data are for reference only.

Special technical measure
1. Refrigeration system Two sets of originally imported refrigeration system and they can exchange automatically to ensure that the equip ment can work for along time continuously.
2. Adjusting method:Wit balanced temperature and humidity adjusting method,it can ensure the temperature and humidity are accurate and riliable with small fluctuation.
3. Safety protectiorr.It has isolated temperature limit protection system.
4. Data processign,It has real time data printing and drecording system.

Main models and technical parameters
Name Medicine stability test box
Model 250
control scope 0~65 ºC
Temperature control
fluctuan/Equality ±0.5 ºC±2 ºC
Humidity control
scope/fluctuant 40~95%RH/±3%RH
Time scope 1~99 hours
Temperature and
adjusting method Balance temperature and humidity adjusting method
system/Method Two suit isolated control compressing mechine(Full closed)will exchange automatically.
Controller Computer Control
Humidity sensor Electric capacity
type sensor
Working environment
Temperature RT+5~35 ºC
Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Cubage 250(L)
Size of interior
Load tray(standard) 3(pcs)
Safety device Compressing machine overheat protection,fan overht protection,over temperature protection,compressing machine over pressure protection,overload protection,water lack protection.
Remark With printing function,hot-sensitive printing machne can print set parameters and draw temperature and humidity change curve.

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