Laboratory supplies
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(Off-site sterilization autoclave)
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Without mechanical sealing, magnetic force stirrer can be used during the sterilization. It is suitable for generic microorganism culture specially for the medicament microbe culture with long ferment cycle.
Mechanical stirrer with mechanical sealing is suitable for microbe culture in the ropy medium (i.e. xanthan gum)


1 Vessel system 3 liters total volume
1.5-2.1 liters working volume
Glass vessel with rounded bottom and double jacket for temperature control
Stainless steel 316L
With sterile and pressure proof ports
14 x diameter 12mm and 2 x diameter 19mm
1 port for top drive
5 x 1-way connection piece, height adjustable harvest tube.
Direct drive from top, DC motor, 90 W, 30 – 1500 rpm
Mechanical seal, shaft, 2 height adjustable six – blade stirrer, removable baffle cage
Auto cleavable sterile filter, check valve, connection piece, aeration tube with ring sparger
Required air pressure approx, 1.5 bar
Reflux cooler, connection piece, auto cleavable sterile filter
Temperature Circuit
Connected to glass double jackets, all four temperature circuits connected by central supply and drain lines.
Autoclavable temperature probe Pt100 incl. connecting cable
Autoclavable pH-gel-electrode incl. connecting cable

Autoclavable pO2-probe incl. connecting cable
Autoclavable height adjustable antifoam-probe incl. connecting cable
Sampling System
Autoclavable sampling system
Cup for silicone diaphragm
Measurement of Controls
Integrated in stainless steel trunking
Power supply
Main power supply for all electrical circuits, 1 x 230V, 50 Hz
Temperature Control
Including heating finger and cooling water valve in temperature circuit. Temperature controller for heating and cooling, temperature range 4-60C (depending on the available cooling media)
Speed Setting
DC motor with frequency converter, rpm-control unit
pH Control
pH-control to activate the dosage of acid and base (pumps)
pO2 Control
DDC pO2-control to activate the final elements, Cascade control vial stirrer speed and aeration valve
Antifoam Control
DDC antifoam - Control to activate the dosage to antifoam chemicals
Aeration Unit
Consists of pressure valve, a rotameter (50-500L/h) a continuous solenoid valve (proportional valve), activated by pO2 controller, a check valve.
Peristaltic Pump with variable speed

1 for media feed, reversible, speed adjustable peristaltic pump including 2 meters silicone hose, hose clamp and GL45 screw cap with sterile filter. Suitable for pO2 cascade control
Peristaltic Pump with fixed speed
3 for acid, base and antifoam / harvesting fixed speed peristaltic pumps including 2 meters silicone hose and hose clamp. 3 x 250 ml auto cleavable glass bottle with sterile filter and 1 x GL 45 screw cap with sterile filter.
2 Aeration system Include rotameter, aeration filter
3 Agitation system 3GJ/3GJGG/3GJG ?
machine: infinite speed variation; rpm in the 7L germ fermenter: 70~1200rpm±1%,The height of the stirring oar can be adjusted,
Magnetic Drive from bottom, without mechanical seal
The agitation system hanged up is driven by magnetic force. There is no thimble at the bottom. The rotate speed is steady. High-powered stirrer, antifoam stirrer, AC buncher, variable speed control. All parts in the cylinder are set on the cover, so it is convenient to maintain and clean. Standard six- bladed paddle used in fermentation process can be adjusted in the height. The stirrer which has many other styles can be used to meet the special requirement of fermentation process. There is no possibility to leak out the bacteria without mechanical sealing. AC buncher, actiyator. The design which separates the motor from the cylinder makes the weight of cylinder cut down, so it is convenient to operate and save a large amount of manpower. The magnetic force system uses special permanent magnetic material. The special process makes the magnetism permanent. The highest rev will never be less than 980 rpm during the service life of the cylinder. It can meet the highest rev even in the full bodied medium.
4 Temperature control Interlayer electric calefaction, auto-control
5 Airflow control Manual control, Flow meter display
6 Antifoam control Automatically check foam, automatically add antifoam by peristaltic pump.
7 Feeding control Control by peristaltic pump switch, automatically feeding and computation.
8 pH control Automatically add acid, alkali by peristaltic pump and control pH accurately.
9 DO control Control with rotating speed relatively.
10 Biology process controller Control parameter: temp, pH, DO, antifoam, stirrer rev, feeding; (Other parameters like glucose, amino acid, ethanol, oxygen, carbon dioxide, electric balance system can be chosen to use.)
Control system Control System: on-site controller, the next crew for the Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system, it is a mature, stable, universal type of PLC, to suit a variety of automation applications, especially in manufacturing process control Application. Its modular, easy to implement distributed configuration and easy to master and so on, Siemens PLC control center has become a biological reaction process control implementation is economical and advanced control system, the system uses the touch screen display, on-site direct operations (menu type), all English menu and interface; also with the host computer for data transmission, data sampling and display tank, the system view of data analysis, reading settings.
10-inch LCD touch-sensitive screen as the display screen to display complete content-rich, user-friendly screen is simple, easy to operate. And disturbing each other. The control system can adapt to different range of sensors and actuators the output of the input signal with the signal anti-jamming system.
Software: Siemens S7+ FORCE CONTORL
Data collection and control module: Siemens S200 PLC controller and data collection and control module
1. Control
? Manual control: You can set the percentage of open valve or a valve opening ? automatic control mode: You can select continuous or PID PID control the switch ? sequence control: the control of all parameters can be pre-set at least 10 control section, ? for automatic segmentation remotely control: PC control ? acceptable correlation control: the dissolved oxygen can select speed, air flow rate, tank pressure, control of feeding, etc.; pH can choose to control with acid and alkali

2. Measurement function: can feeding, bubble enemy, such as measurement of pH
3. XY-axis to chart real progress can be any expansion and contraction of graphics display, to help the operator determine the parameters of the interaction between the effects of the fermentation process to quickly modify and adjust
4. Data Processing
1) to show that all the parameters of the trend curve analysis
2) to store, display, analyze all the historical curve parameters
3) can display all the parameters of the batch report
4) copy the data directly with the USB

5) data storage format is compatible with EXCEL, EXCEL platform can be to deal with
5. Controller self-protection function: to set the password, others can not modify the fermentation parameters; and the controller is not lost due to power settings for each parameter
6. Can the process control parameters, each parameter can have 10 block can be set
7. Time display of each parameter recording interval can be adjusted
8. Two parameters can be carried out with the screen settings and calibration
9. show the controller is really running against, the panel instructed the state process system, process hardware, and motion status indicator for understanding the various devices (such as peristaltic pumps, circulating pumps, heating, mixing, etc.) work status, Fault identification can be used as display
10. Each parameter of the transmission are independent modules, without disturbing each other, for easy maintenance
11.PH, DO and other parameters of control and associated controls can be adjusted
11 PC software
Ver8.0 is a data recording and processing as one of the fermentation of special packages, with the english operation interface, data storage and backup, curve analysis, report generation analysis, anomaly analysis, for the fermentation and production process control and data processing bring a lot of convenience.
Main features:
1. Can record the fermentation time, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, rotational speed, air flow, pressure, fill quantity, the amount of foam enemy, acid dosage
2. Can be sent under the controlled variable settings and control parameters, remote operation
3. Can be set sequence control
4. Can type off-line parameters, and records show
5. Trend curve, historical curve shows
can display 1-10 (any setting) curve;
- You can select a different start time and the time period (8,24,48,72,96 and 144 hours);
- You can set the upper and lower curves show, in order to improve display resolution;
- You can choose any of several different batches (1-10) curve also shows that for comparative analysis;
- and Y-axis parallel to the secant by the mouse to drag the reading, followed by curve data is activated, the fermentation time (X axis) and the same time the data curve with the secant movement changes;
6. Report Printing
- can show significant 1-12 (any set) data, and print output;
- You can select a different start time and the time and can choose different time intervals (1,5,15,30,60 minutes);
- You can choose any of several different batches (any set) data, and print output,
- To comparative analysis;
7. curve printing
- You can show the curve was printed by color printer;
EXCEL platform can also be carried out in data processing and printing, is very convenient.


Controller data processing function
1 PH Displaying range: 0.00~14.00±0.01
Auto-control range:2.00~12.00±0.05
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control pH fluent, at least10 parts) pH value historical and trend curve analysis
Acid, alkali dosage curve analysis
Batch report form analysis
Acid, alkali total dosage record
Keep and deliver data
0-150±3??Displaying precision: 0.1?
It can be controlled by rev and feeding.
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control DO fluent, at least10 parts) DO value historical and trend curve analysis
Batch report form analysis
Keep and deliver data

Automatic PID control and alarm
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control antifoam fluent, at least10 parts) Antifoam value historical and trend curve analysis
Foam error state record
antifoam total dosage record
Batch report form analysis
Keep and deliver data

Rev Automatic enactment and control?50~1200rpm±5‰?
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control rev fluent, at least10 parts) Rev value historical and trend curve analysis
Batch report form analysis
Keep and deliver data
Temperature Temperature of cooling water: +5 °-80 °±0.2 °
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control temperature fluent, at least10 parts) Temperature value historical and trend curve analysis
Batch report form analysis
Keep and deliver data

Feeding PID automatic enactment and control
Fermentation process control (According to the fermentation time, auto- control feeding fluent, at least10 parts) Feeding value historical and trend curve analysis
Feeding total dosage record
Batch report form analysis
Keep and deliver data

Manual control, instrument display

Air flux
Manual control, instrument display


Material & Marca

Vessel system
The cylinder designed by our company uses stainless steel combined with glass partly. Stainless steel:Glass: borosilicate glass. The framework is advanced. 1
2 Buncher High grade aluminum alloy 1
3 Speed regulator Panasonic, Japan
4 Solenoid valve Taiwan 2
5 Aeration filter 0.2?m, SARTORIUS, Germany 6
6 Breathing filter 0.2?m, SARTORIUS, Germany 12
7 pH electrode Mettler-Toledo, Switzerland 1
8 DO electrode Mettler-Toledo, Switzerland 1
9 Peristaltic pump lange 4