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Fotòmetro de Llama (K, Na, Li, Ca)
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*-FOTOMETRO DE LLAMA marca modelo 1041.-
-Detección de K, Na, Li y Ca
-Incluye Compresor

Used for analyzing & measuring the content & concentration of elements (K, Na, Li, Ca, Ba). Widely applied
to agriculture (soil, fertilizer, tobacoo), industry(cement,glass,ceramics,mineral or ore powder,fireproof material),
food (wine, water), laboratory, clinical experiments and pathology research (serum, urine, plasma), etc.

-Operates on propane, butane or liquefied petroleum gas.
-Standard accessories: air-compressor, PC software or micro-printer.
-LCD Display, touch panel with numeric keypad.
-Single point calibration & calibration curve can be saved.
- With 4 channels and be able to detect K, Na, Li, Ca,. With K, Na, Li, Ca, filters.


Modelo 1041

Rangode Medida
(ppm) K: 0-100
Na: 0-100
Li: 0-100
Ca: 0-1000

Limite de Medida
(ppm) K: 0.01;
Na: 0.01;
Li: 0.025;
Ca: 0.1;
Drift ? 3% (after 30 minutes when the instrument stability)
Sample Rate 4 ~ 6ml/min
Linearity Better than the best results of the intermediate value of 2% (single-point CAL)
Response Time ?8s
Time Stability Less than 15 seconds (when the sample was taken after the flame
Calibration Methods Straight line, broken line, secondary fitting
Size & Weight 530*510*580mm & 27kg

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