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Fotómetro Multiparàmetro para análisis de aguas mod. 8000
| brand: Palintest | id: 8000 |

*-FOTOMETRO MULTIPARAMETRO marca PALINTEST modelo 8000.- (sin reactivos que se cotizan por separado)

The Palintest Photometer 8000 sets a new standard for water quality testing and ease of operation. It is designed to provide accurate and fast analysis for even the busiest test labs. Covering the full range of tests for clean and wastewater, it is compatible with all Palintest tablet and liquid photometer tests.

With no moving parts, all measurements are made instantly, providing a very fast sample throughput. Compatible Palintest Tubetests reagent tubes are coded to provide all the instrument needs for wavelength range and calibration set-up and analysis. The instrument recognizes the tube method and measurement range and automatically sets up for a measurement. The user simply pushes in the tube and the instrument does the rest!

The unique multi-size cell holder adjusts automatically to all reagent tubes from 12mm to 20mm diameter with no inserts or adaptors required, again speeding up analysis, and making the unit very convenient for the routine analysis of large numbers of samples since no manual intervention is required to change ranges or tube sizes. The cell holder is fully jam- and trap-resistant to allow fast and secure tube swapping.

With an innovative permanent dual light source, the correct wavelength is automatically selected. A high efficiency light-focusing system provides a very high level of light throughput to the cells. The high intensity sources are up to 10 times brighter than the conventional optics found in other instruments and the optical system eliminates stray light effects, allowing the instrument to be used at maximum precision.

Dynamic Active Light Level Compensation in the optical system eliminates drift and ensures accurate measurements immediately from switch on, with no warm-up period required, providing a fast and convenient sample throughput.

The unique light lensing system with reference channels optimizes precision by compensating for optical imperfections in reagent tubes.

The Photometer 8000 is fully software driven, with a large backlit touch-screen providing easy access to all instrument functions. The software includes a rapid self-test of the complete instrument including the innovative optical system. The diagnostics continue to run in permanent monitoring mode to check power supply, light levels and system integrity, reporting to the user immediately any variation that would affect the analysis.
Instrument Type:
Direct-reading colorimeter with automatic set-up and reading
Operating Wavelengths:
Pre-programmed wavelengths of 450nm, 500nm, 550nm, 570nm, 600nm and 650nm
Touch-screen backlit display. Test identification and prompts in foreign languages. Direct-reading of results in mg/l, mmol/l or μmol/l (user selectable)
±0.005 at 0.3 au
Transmittance resolution to 0.1% and Absorbance resolution to 0.001 au
User-selectable Options:
Date format, display language, test, units, sample number, dilution, user id and wavelength
Internal Memory:
1000 sample results can be stored in on-board memory and selectively recalled to screen
Output Interface:
Bi-directional communication with output to printer or computer via RS232 serial interface
Test Cells:
Automatic adjustment for round test tubes from 13-20mm diameter
Standard mains power, optional battery power through standard ‘AA’ batteries
Size and Weight:
Instrument is 290 x 240 x 90 mm and weighs 1.65kg (1648g)

Fotómetro Multiparàmetro para análisis de aguas mod. 7100
| brand: Palintest | id: 7100 |


Para uso con una amplia variedad de kits de tests.
Brinda lecturas directas en unidades de concentraciòn en una pantalla digital grande de LCD.

De alta portabilidad y robustez ademàs de moderno diseño.
Cumple con la norma IP67 lo cual significa que es completamente a prueba de agua y para tests en cualquier aplicaciòn.

El porta-celda se adapta automaticamente a el tamaño de tubo y acomoda cualquier tamaño de vial sin necesidad de adaptador.
La interfase viene con 5 lenguajes incorporados y display de fàcil lectura con un menù de fàcil navegaciòn.

-Rango de longitues de onda:
450nm 500nm 550nm 575nm 600nm 650nm
Large Backlit graphic LCD screen
+/- 0.5% at 4%

-Transmitancia: +/- 0.005 at 0.3au
-Resolutciòn: 0.001au
-Ajuste automàtico para tubos de test (redondos): 12-20mm de diametro
-alimentaciòn: 3 baterias AA ò con adapt. A 220V
-tamaño: ancho: 146mm, prof.: 275mm
Altura: 75mm
-peso: 975 grs.
Fotòmetro Multiparàmetro para Anàlisis de Aguas mod. 7500
| brand: Palintest | id: 7500 |

*-FOTOMETRO MULTIPARAMETRO marca PALINTEST modelo 7500.- (sin reactivos que se cotizan por separado) / INCLUYE FUENTE DE ALIMENTACIÒN USB & CABLE WATEPROOF PARA USB.-

The Palintest 7500 takes portable water testing to new heights. The smooth good looks cover a solidly engineered instrument with a high specification and high performance. Built around the Palintest range of water test reagents, the 7500 has automatic wavelength selection for each of its pre-programmed methods.

Smart, rugged, and easy to use, the 7500 is the ideal field instrument for engineers.
Fully waterproof with IP67 rating
Rugged, portable design with no moving parts
Automatic method set up for each parameter
USB port for easy computer interface
500 test results stored on board
Large backlit screen

Select the method from a list or use the direct entry menu. There are up to 30 user definable test methods, allowing full flexibility in a range of applications.

The unique adaptive cell holder automatically adjusts to any round tube size, allowing easy analysis of a range of samples without needing adaptors. The software remembers your most recent tests, making it even quicker to use the next time around.

Up to 500 tests results are held in the onboard memory, with a full audit trail of time, date, and results in chosen units.

Once back at base the test results are effortlessly transferred to a PC by plugging into the USB port and using the drag and drop file transfer utility. In the same way software updates that arrive by email, or downloaded from the internet can be just ‘dropped’ into the 7500.

The unit runs on standard AA batteries, or can be powered through the USB port from the computer, or via its own standalone adapter.

The software interface is in 5 languages, and the easy to navigate menus are great for the engineer in a hurry.

The 7500 is available in two kits, each complete with a carry case and room to store the required reagents.
Instrument Type:
Direct reading colorimeter with automatic set up and reading
Operating wavelengths:
450nm 500nm 550nm 575nm 600nm 650nm
Large Backlit graphic LCD screen
+/- 0.5% at 4%
+/- 0.005 at 0.3au
User Selectable Options:
Time/Date format
Display language
Test units
Sample number
Dilution factors
Internal Memory:
500 sample results stored with selective recall
Data Output:
Waterproof USB interface
Test Cells:
Automatic adjustment for round test tubes from 12-20mm diameter
Battery power (3 x AA) Optional power through USB port from computer or Mains adapter
Size and Weight:
W: 146mm
D: 275mm
H: 75mm