Laboratory supplies
Llenador Automatico de Placas de Petri
| brand: AES CHEMUNEX | id: APS 320 |

320 plate capacity with 700 plate/hour throughput at a 15ml fill volume. Walk-away automation once plates are loaded. Connects directly with MediaPr ep and Masterclave media preparators for a completely closed system.
The APS320 has a microprocessor controlled interface with simple to use keypad and can store up to 40 programs for different media fills. The user can store the type of media, volume to be dispensed and calibration specific for that media.

Full traceability with optional ticket printer for compliance with GLP regulations. The printout details media type, batch number, date, operator, and volume prepared.
Two line inkjet printing on the side of the plate with purchase of the Linx printer.

Auto-calibration feature allows the user to easily calibrate and validate the pour volume in each plate.
Carousel and transfer disc are easily removed for cleaning of the non-porous Teflon surface under the plates.

Plates are loaded from the front of the instrument. The carousel turns clockwise for simple loading. There is no need to inconveniently reach around the back of the carousel.

Optional bi-plate filling capability with the addition of a second peristaltic pump.

The peristaltic pump can be used independently for filling of tubes, bottles or other vessels with calibrated delivery volume.

Optical sensors manage the position of the lid and base of the plate through the entire filling process. This insures that plates that are not inserted correctly or are broken do not get filled, avoiding spills, mess, and potential contamination.
Alarms sound automatically when there is a disruption in work flow for any reason.

The APS320 can be configured to pour 90mm X 15mm plates (called 100 X 15mm in the U.S.), 90 X 20mm, 55 X 15m and 55 X 20mm. There is a different model for each plate type.