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Termo de Nitrogeno Liquido para 750 viales
| brand: | id: 47 |

*-TERMO CRIOGENICO PARA 750 VIALES marca modelo 47.-
Con 6 (seis) RACKS y 30 (treinta) cajas de 5x5, y base con ruedas.

This series is designed to store large quantities of vials while maintaining low
liquid nitrogen consumption. These containers are ideally suited for use in
medical and biological science and research fields.

Modelo Unid Modelo 47
Capacidad Litros 47.0
Peso vacío kgs 19.0
Diámetro del cuello mm 127
Diámetro externo mm 500
Altura mm 675
Perdida de evaporación estática L/d 0.330
Static Hold Time d 142
Canister Outer Diameter mm 103
Canister Height mm 120/276
Numbers of Canisters ea 6
Straw Holding Capacity (single level) 0.5 ml 6702
0.25 ml 14046
Straw Holding Capacity (double level) 0.5 ml 10704
0.25 ml 23604
Numbers of Canes n 204
Numbers of Vials n 1020

PRECIO DE PLAZA ------------------------- US$ 2.200.- + IVA
(dòlares americanos DOS MIL DOSCIENTOS más IVA)

Termo de Nitrogeno Liquido de 10 litros
| brand: | id: 10L/LN2C |


-Liquid nitrogen container Cryogenic Tank Dewar Nitrogen Cylinder Portable liquid nitrogen container

-Mouth Diameter:50 mm
-Outer Diameter(MM) :304
-Height (MM) :550
-Capacity:10 L(the Liquid is not Include)
-Material:Aluminum Alloy
-Attention: This container is only suitable for the static storage of liquid nitrogen,not suitable for the transport of liquid nitrogen

PRECIO DE PLAZA -------------------- US$ 600.- + IVA
Termo de Nitrogeno Liquido de 35 litros
| brand: | id: 35L/LN2C |

-CAPACIDAD: 35 (treinta y cinco) LITROS

• Mouse Diameter: 125mm
• Empty Weight: 15kg
• out Diameter: 438mm
• Height: 700mm
• Specification: ISO

Product Description

Material: Aluminum alloy
Volume: 35L
Mouse Diameter: 125mm
Out diameter: 438mm
Height: 700mm
Empty weight: 15kg

Number: At most 6PCS
Height: 120mm
Out diameter: 35mm
Static Holding Time of Liquid Nitrogen: 98days.

Structure Features:
The liquid nitrogen containers were manufactured by aluminum alloy and vacuum structure, in light weight and small static evaporation rate. It was suitable for static storage of semen, embryo, stem cells and other biological products.

PRECIO DE PLAZA ----------------------------- US$ 1.170.- + IVA